January 18, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Navigating NICRA in 2022

This event is hosted by Humentum

Do you have a negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA) but aren’t sure how to best manage it? Or, perhaps you want a NICRA but are unsure of the requirements. This webinar will answer these questions and more, including an explanation of the process and a Q&A session led by two NICRA experts.

A NICRA is a methodology for organizations to document their indirect costs and the best method to allocate them. USAID and the US Government understand there is a cost to run operations, so they are not trying to cheat you out of recuperating those operational or indirect costs – they want to pay for them! However, indirect costs have to be reasonable and documented.

Join experts Shannon Meehan, Humentum Consultant, and Joe O’Meara, Senior Audit Manager at GRF CPAs & Advisors, on January 18 at 10 – 11 AM ET to better understand NICRA and how to utilize it at your organization effectively.


Joe O'Meara

Senior Audit Manager

Shannon Meehan