October 10 - 14, 2022

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Sage Transform 2022

Join us in person and virtually at Sage Transform 2022 in Orlando, FL. GRF’s Accounting Technology experts will be presenting 10+ sessions during the conference!

Sage Transform is designed exclusively for Sage Intacct community of customers, partners, and industry experts. Join us to share insights, gain valuable product information, and connect with contacts new and old.



You’re Live, Now What? Optimizing Sage Intacct Post-Implementation

Speaker: Jim Norton, CPA | Breakout Session

You’re live on Sage Intacct. You implemented every single feature on day one…right? Probably not! Most organizations take a phased approach to their implementation. Even for those who think they did it all, the beauty of this product is that it is always evolving and bringing new features, new modules, and new value with each quarterly release. If you stay on autopilot without staying curious about what more is possible, you might be missing out on some great value adds for your organization. Join this session to learn how you can continue to take your organization’s Sage Intacct experience to the next level after your initial implementation project is done.

The Best Way to Manage All Your Nonprofit Revenue Streams

Speaker: Jim Norton, CPA | Breakout Session

Do the accounting rules for nonprofit grant agreements, contributions and other contracts seem arbitrary and confusing? These rules are a few years old now, but can be mysterious since agreements with funders don’t often fit neatly into clear pre-defined categories. Join this session where we’ll review account standards impacting nonprofits and how to apply them effectively. Then we’ll walk you through how Sage Intacct has the right answer for each of your nonprofit revenue streams!

Automated Allocations for Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Everyone In Between

Speaker: Jim Norton, CPA | Lightning Talk*

Are you exporting data to compile revenues and expenses for allocations offline? Are you maintaining time consuming external spreadsheets to drive vital financial data such as overhead allocations, indirect costs, or administrative expenses? It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets, and see what Dynamic Allocations can do for your organization. Across a truly impressive variety of use cases, Dynamic Allocations will help drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy from what was previously a manual process, to a now streamlined and automated task. This is a malleable tool which can conform to the needs of almost any business. Join this session to see how you can transform your allocations from a dreaded task to an afterthought!

Great Dashboards for Your Non-Super Users

Speaker: Jim Norton, CPA | Breakout Session

Accounting and finance users usually have some understanding of the power, insights, and streamlining that Sage Intacct’s dashboards can bring to an organization. Some users live and breathe by dashboards each and every day. Many times, we are guilty of stopping once we get a dashboard that satisfies financial leadership. What if we took the time to dig in and really think about how dashboards can transform the work of our non super users? How about your Accounts Payable Manager, your Project Managers, a Purchasing Associate, and others who are accounting adjacent? In this session, let’s talk about dashboards for those folks, and how leveraging this standard functionality can break down cross-functional barriers in seconds.

Smart Rules and You: Creating Controls, Preventing Errors, and More

Speaker: Sean DeMuro | Breakout Session

Smart Rules are a important tool that can often be overlooked. Whether you want to warn users before they might make a mistake, or stop them completely, Smart Rules are there to help you. In this session we will cover how you can easily create rules within your Sage Intacct instance to put controls, stops, and validations in place so that you can spend less time worrying, and more time on everything else that matters.

Building Stronger Budget vs Actual Reporting

Speaker: Sean DeMuro | Lightning Talk*

If you have never created a financial report utilizing the Financial Report Writer outside of simple Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements, you are really missing out. In this session we will show you just how easy and flexible it is to create financial reports using both actuals and budgets that are sure to get you praise within your organization.

Dimension Groups and Structures to Craft Your Perfect Financial Reports

Speaker: Sean DeMuro | Breakout Session

When creating a new report in the Sage Intacct Financial Report Writer, one of the first things you see is the option of report structure, Accounts or Dimensions. But how often have you stopped to think about that choice before continuing on with your standard Account based report? With a little set up, you can up your report game to the next level with a simple switch to really utilize your financial data.

Automating the Release of Your Purpose Based Restrictions

Speaker: Sean DeMuro | Lightning Talk*

A recent addition for organizations that created their instance using the Nonprofit QuickStart, Purpose Based Restriction release will allow Sage Intacct to automatically handle your restriction release. After some initial set up, Sage Intacct will release your restrictions through a journal entry based on your specific needs.

Sage Intacct Cash and Accrual: The Best of Both Worlds

Speaker: Andres Chavez | Lightning Talk*

Are you struggling with creating quality reports on the cash basis of accounting? Is a standard cash flow statement not enough for your organization’s management? Join us as we review Sage Intacct’s Cash and Accrual approach using Multi Book Reporting. Learn how to take advantage of Sage Intacct’s Multi Book Reporting to produce full cash-based financials, including budget to actual reporting. No longer will users have to manage this level of reporting outside of Intacct with manual spreadsheets and bank exports.

Spend Management: How to Get Real Time Budget Validation Using Sage Intacct

Speaker: Andres Chavez | Lightning Talk*

Does it seem like you are always burning through your budget faster than anticipated? Are you looking for real time validation against your budget for potential spend? Sage Intacct offers powerful validation that organizations can leverage to proactively validate spending in real time. Join us to explore how Spend Management and Committed spend can help your organization get in front of possible budget overages. In this session, we will review how Spend Management and User Defined Books can give you more tools to better anticipate possible budget overages and validate purchases in real time.

*Lightning Talk sessions are pre-recorded videos that are available in the content library of Sage Transform.


Jim Norton, CPA

Former Principal, Accounting Technology Services

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Sean DeMuro

Accounting Technology Solutions Consultant

Andres Chavez

Accounting Technology Services Manager