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The Consequences of HIPAA Violations Beyond Just Penalties

Beyond just penalties, HIPAA violations can damage your reputation. Non-compliance carries significant risks and costs for organizations. Learn about the hidden costs and get tips for what you should do now in the IDC infographic. View Now

HIPAA Compliance and Financials: What to Look for and What’s Next

When you think about HIPAA compliance, your financial management system might not immediately come to mind. Keeping your protected health information (PHI) protected means protecting all of it—including PHI in your financial management system. The Sage Intacct Advanced Audit Trail can help you on your path toward full compliance. View the eBook

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Simplify nonprofit financial management with our game-changing accounting software. Say goodbye to administrative tasks and hello to more time advancing your mission. Streamline compliance reporting, generate insightful outcome metrics, and gain real-time visibility into your financials. Let our software be the catalyst for your organization’s success – revolutionize the way you manage finances and focus…

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2023 Top Risks for Nonprofits and Associations

As we look ahead to the new year and beyond, what are leading risk watchers expecting for 2023? The Risk and Advisory Services team at GRF combed through leading political, economic, and business experts’ predictions for 2023 to identify common themes and assess the implications for nonprofits and associations. Major themes include: We are entering…

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Martus’ New Report Writer

This fall, Martus released a new report builder tool. While the tool is currently in beta, it will bring exciting and more flexible reporting capability to Martus users. Watch the video below and contact us to learn more. Fill out the form to watch the video:

5 Best Practices for Multi-Entity Nonprofit Financial Management

Is your accounting team burdened by existing financial management processes? Learn how the right technology and implementation partner can make your accounting operations simple and efficient.

HR and Payroll Checklist for Software Buyers

Researching HR and payroll software can be overwhelming. Having the right resources can help you make a more informed decision. This internal audit checklist for HR and payroll makes the vetting process easier. It highlights critical factors addressed by best-in-class payroll and HR technology, including: Using a unified solution with a single entry point for…

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GRF eBook: Cybersecurity Risks & Mitigation Strategies

This eBook outlines 20 different cybersecurity risk categories that can impact your organization, detailing how to identify and address them.

How to Navigate Complex Expense Reporting and Auditing Problems

A June 2015 report from the Aberdeen Group reported that companies with best-in-class Time & Expense software “require 43% less time to fill out an expense report” and automated expense reports speed up approval time by 265% (from 9.3 days to 3.5 days). This marked improvement demonstrates the value of automation. However, those statistics also…

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Leveraging Dynamic Allocations

This course is designed for members of the finance team and implementors looking to facilitate the splitting or shifting of amounts within Sage Intacct using Dynamic allocations. After completing this course, you should be able to: • Differentiate between transaction allocations and Dynamic allocations • Develop a plan for Dynamic allocations • Configure and prepare…

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