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Sage Intacct Q4 2023 Release Overview

Another Sage Intacct quarterly release is here! Sage Intacct, a best in class cloud financial management platform, is the first and only cloud financial management solution endorsed by the AICPA. One of its many outstanding qualities is the frequency of new feature releases; Sage Intacct seamlessly releases four quarterly releases per year. Each release is…

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Return on Mission: Is Your Organization Ready to Replace Abila MIP Fund Accounting?

Is it time to transition your organization’s accounting software from Abilia? Navigating today’s dynamic environment with pre-internet technology can be challenging. With increased oversight, compliance demands, and fierce competition for funding, it’s crucial to embrace modern solutions.

4 Steps to Greater Nonprofit Stewardship with Digital Finance Transformation

Are you a nonprofit organization striving for greater stewardship and impact? Discover the key to success in our e-book: “Sage Intacct – 4 Steps to Greater Nonprofit Stewardship with Digital Finance Transformation.” Dive into the world of digital finance and learn how to navigate this transformative journey. Maximize your nonprofit’s potential with Sage Intacct’s cutting-edge…

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Nonprofit Storytelling Using data and performance metrics to motivate donors

Sage Intacct Nonprofit empowers organizations to tell compelling stories through data-driven insights and performance metrics, leveraging these tools to inspire and engage donors effectively. View eBook

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Reporting and Dashboards

Nonprofits need more timely, insightful financial reporting to make data-driven decisions. Sage Intacct provides easy-to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations that are ready in real-time, allowing finance professionals and executives to look forward and plan for programs, fundraising, staffing, and more based on what’s really happening. View Datasheet

How does Sage Intacct compare to Microsoft Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) has served as a reliable solution for numerous organizations over the years. However, with Microsoft phasing out support for GP in the coming years, it’s crucial to explore your alternatives. In a recent survey conducted by Sage Intacct, 95% of financial executives acknowledged GP’s effectiveness, but a significant 78% expressed an urgent need for replacement. The message is clear: it’s time to make the switch. While Microsoft offers top-tier solutions, there are compelling reasons why Sage Intacct could be the ideal choice.