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Unlimited PTO: Federally Funded Contractors & Nonprofit Grant Recipients Subject to FAR and Uniform Guidance

Before considering unlimited paid time off (PTO) as an incentive to new or existing employees, it is important to understand the implications. Government contractors subject to FAR and nonprofit grant recipients subject to the Uniform Guidance must understand what this benefit entails, how it can potentially impact existing and future government contracts, and potential challenges…

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Illustrating Your Nonprofit’s Story with Dynamic Dashboards

Nonprofit leaders face a unique set of challenges: how to maximize their mission with limited resources, how to serve constituents effectively, and how to prepare for the future in a proactive and strategic way. Without the proper technology in place, leaders can get bogged down administratively, losing the bandwidth and energy to lead impactfully. Dynamic…

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Compliance Tips & Tools for 8(a) and Small Business Government Contractors

If you are a small business or an 8(a) contractor, U.S. Government compliance requirements can seem overwhelming. We’ve got you covered! Join our accounting and contracting experts for real-world tips and recommendations to help you with your financial reporting. We’ll provide an overview of requirements for both 8(a) government contractors, plus requirements for other small…

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