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Be Prepared: Why Enterprise Risk Management is Essential for Nonprofits

By Melissa Musser, CPA, CITP, CISA | Risk & Advisory Services Principal Corporations and organizations have long understood the value of systematic planning for worst-case scenarios to avoid unwelcome surprises, known as enterprise risk management (ERM). ERM is a proactive, multidimensional process of identifying, assessing, cataloguing, and preparing for potential negative organizational outcomes in order…

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Manage International NGO Risk Effectively with an External Field Office Audit

By: Max Manley, CPA | Nonprofit Audit Manager International NGOs (INGOs) working overseas in the development and humanitarian response sectors face a unique set of challenges and risks from both an accounting and operational standpoint. Whether your role resides at headquarters (HQ) or in a field office, as an INGO leader your responsibilities include managing…

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