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2023 DEI Transparency Report

GRF’s Commitment to DEI GRF CPAs & Advisors (GRF) was founded on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Like many organizations, we have had many successes, but we also acknowledge there is much more work to be done. Documenting our Journey Read GRF’s 2023 DEI Transparency Report for an overview of the firm’s DEI…

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The Consequences of HIPAA Violations Beyond Just Penalties

Beyond just penalties, HIPAA violations can damage your reputation. Non-compliance carries significant risks and costs for organizations. Learn about the hidden costs and get tips for what you should do now in the IDC infographic. View Now

Checklists for Privacy, IT and Third-Party Risk

Assess your organization’s risk with these checklists Is your organization focused on the right issues when it comes to privacy, IT asset protection and third party risk management? To help clients identify and prioritize the most critical risks, GRF has developed comprehensive checklists that highlight vulnerable areas for most organizations. Use these checklists to analyze…

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Congratulations, You Are Now a Law Firm Partner! What about Your New Tax Forms?

The following applies to partners in the local pre-jurisdictions of DC, Maryland and Virginia. When you first become a law firm partner, your federal taxes become very difficult and you can find them daunting. Prior to your partnership, your taxes probably revolved around a W-2 and tax return preparation was rather straight forward. As soon…

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2015 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

At this point in 2015, with the end of the year and the income tax filing deadline on the horizon, tax planning presents more of a challenge than usual. So far, Congress has passed minimal tax legislation. However, the Senate Finance Committee at the end of July approved a two-year extension of the tax provisions…

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2015 Mid-year Tax Planning Letter

Tax planning for 2015 is a venture in uncertainty. On April 16, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the estate tax, but this was seen as largely a symbolic gesture because the U.S. Senate does not appear to have enough votes to pass the legislation. Even if the bill were to survive…

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2014 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The country’s taxpayers are facing more uncertainty than usual as they approach the 2014 tax season. They may feel trapped in limbo while Congress is preoccupied with the November midterm election and its results – leaving legislation that could alter the current tax picture up in the air. Since the DC lawmakers are unlikely to…

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Tax Considerations for Maryland Attorneys Who Become Partners

In addition to the many professional and personal requirements that come with achieving partner status, the individual federal, Maryland, and other state tax requirements and filings will now require additional time and attention. It becomes the responsibility of each partner to report his/her share of income and pay his/her corresponding federal, Maryland and other state…

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2013 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

Tax planning is inherently complex, with the most powerful tax strategies often relying as much on clairvoyance as they do calculations. As 2013 begins to wind down, the need for a crystal ball lessens, and the ability to strategize with more certainty is upon us. This developing certainty provides us with an opportunity to better…

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2012 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The taxes implemented by the affordable care act and the expiration of many current tax cuts bring a great deal of uncertainty to this tax season. Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman’s 2012 Year-End Tax Planning Letter provides advice on how to manage your tax situation in light of these uncertainties and how to take advantage of…

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