September 4, 2015

2015 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

2015 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

At this point in 2015, with the end of the year and the income tax filing deadline on the horizon, tax planning presents more of a challenge than usual.

So far, Congress has passed minimal tax legislation. However, the Senate Finance Committee at the end of July approved a two-year extension of the tax provisions that expired on Dec. 31, 2014. Early passage of an extension is hoped for but not assumed because the House of Representatives is pursuing an agenda that would make the provisions permanent.

Contacting the IRS for guidance has become more difficult because budget cuts have resulted in personnel layoffs and reduction in services. On the bright side, your chances of facing an IRS audit are greatly reduced.

But the IRS continues to send out computer-generated notices, usually from document-matching processes. Since IRS notices generated in this way are sometimes incorrect, you should consult your tax professional about the appropriate response.

Never ignore an IRS notice. It won’t go away. Deal with it promptly to reduce any penalties and interest that may accrue.

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