September 22, 2022

In just three years, the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) and its affiliate the Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI) had grown from six employees to nearly 60. With growth, CEBA was managing over $10 million in annual revenue and representing over 300 members.

When they had only six employees and less complex accounting needs, CEBA could use MS Excel, QuickBooks, and simplified processes. With growth came some challenges. CEBA and CEBI began receiving philanthropic grants and needed to start allocating salaries and overhead between projects. With each new employee and every new project, the process became even more complex. CEBA’s systems and related processes were time consuming, prone to error, and often resulted in delayed financial reporting. There was no good real-time visibility into the organization’s financial health. CEBA’s CFO/COO realized that the accounting system needed to change – and soon. In the Spring of 2020, they decided to find a better solution.

Download the case study to learn about CEBA’s technology selection journey, which ultimately enabled them to automate many of their processes, eliminate the use of Excel workbooks, and gain real-time visibility into their finances.

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