March 11, 2022

Understand the true performance of your organization faster. Modern systems can perform Dynamic Allocations that fully automate allocations inside your accounting solution. Allocate indirect costs, revenue contributions, assets and liability amounts across multiple dimensions and entities to save days of time, increase accuracy, and gain insight into the impact to financials, all with a solid audit trail. Built as a modern allocation solution, you’re getting a solution with years of best practices built in, giving you an innovative, streamlined solution. In the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Use cases for allocations from real-life organizations’ examples
  • Why allocations are important for ALL businesses, whether nonprofit or for profit
  • The mechanics of a Dynamic Allocation solution
  • How to build Dynamic Allocations ranging from simple to advanced/creative use cases
  • How to build financial statements illustrating the impact of automated allocations

Join us to learn how a best in class solution eliminates offline, spreadsheet-driven allocation tasks and can save extensive time and effort for system users.

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