November 10, 2021

If your nonprofit receives funding from a federal grant (either directly or via a sub-award), you should take proactive steps to recover the maximum amount of indirect costs for your organization. Join GRF CPAs & Advisors for a four-part webinar series providing nonprofit organizations with everything they need to know about indirect rates under Uniform Guidance (UG).

This series of one-hour webinars is designed to guide participants through every important aspect of UG indirect rates and allocations, including consideration of how receiving a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan can impact your indirect recovery rate. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the cost principals under UG and have the opportunity to participate in a practical exercise to build an indirect rate. GRF’s presenters will also highlight important changes and new options for indirect rates under UG.

Part II – Subpart E: Cost Principals Under Uniform Guidance

A proper understanding of what the U.S. government considers an allowable cost is critical to maximizing your cost recovery under the Uniform Guidance (UG). Therefore, the second webinar of the Indirect Rate Toolkit for Nonprofits with Federal Grants series focuses on the federal grantee’s efficient and effective administration of the award through sound management, including accounting practices consistent with the cost principals under UG and proper documentation to support costs charged (directly or indirectly) to the federal grant.

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