Types: Working at GRF

GRF at Kenya

Witness the Unforgettable Moments and Fun GRF Team Members Had during the Impactful Kenya Trip and Safari Adventure.

Talking Shop: Celebrating Differences

Discover the vibrant culture at GRF through the insights shared by the GRF team. The team describes GRF as a place where professionals can thrive while achieving a healthy work-life balance. The firm’s commitment to continuous learning is evident, as the team appreciates the support provided for ongoing training and skill development. They also highlight…

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Talking Shop: Why I Joined GRF

Don’t miss the chance to hear directly from GRF employees and understand why it’s an exceptional place to build a fulfilling career.

Talking Shop: Hybrid Flexibility

The firm has implemented a hybrid work model, allowing employees to work remotely or come into the office.

The Employee Experience With Xena Metzger

Xena Metzger, a senior audit associate at GRF for over three years since 2019, takes pride in running audits from start to finish and guiding and supporting the staff under her supervision. GRF’s investment in its employees and the inclusive and supportive work environment make it stand out. Xena values the opportunity to make a…

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Accounting Abroad: Traveling with GRF

Kaps Kapende, a staff member at GRF for four months, was drawn to the firm by a friend’s recommendation of its phenomenal culture and genuine acceptance of individuality. The diverse backgrounds of GRF’s employees made Kaps’ transition easier as an African immigrant, fostering connections and cultural learning.

The Language of Business with Jennifer Galstad-Lee

Jennifer Galstad-Lee, a senior tax manager at GRF, believes accounting is the universal language of business. With over two years at the firm, she finds deep fulfillment in uncovering the human stories behind the numbers and paperwork. Helping clients in meaningful ways brings her immense value and excitement. Jennifer recalls a transformative experience with a…

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The Story of Tenure with GRF With Steve Lyons

Stephen Lyons, a 17-year senior manager at GRF, finds fulfillment in advising clients and building trusted relationships. The diverse and culturally rich environment at GRF adds an extra dimension to his work, providing continuous education. Clients are viewed as partners, and GRF’s approach ensures unwavering support throughout their journey. Stephen encourages young professionals to pursue…

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The Technology Behind Accounting

GRF’s Kashif Ali reveals the fascinating blend of technology and accounting. Join him as he showcases the integration of cutting-edge systems, safeguarding sensitive data and optimizing operations. Experience the adrenaline rush of overcoming a ransomware attack and witness the unwavering determination that restored GRF’s network. Beyond technology, embrace the warmth and camaraderie of the GRF…

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The Truth About Accounting

Discover our inspiring initiatives, innovative solutions, and the transformative difference we make in the world. Join us and become a part of our mission to create a better future.